• Experienced Speech Pathologists
    Hanen, ABA and Multilit trained therapists
  • Certified Practising Speech Pathologists
    Members of The Speech Pathology Association of Australia
  • Accent Reduction
    Changing speech patterns including pronunciation, intonation and rhythm
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Speech Pathologists at Startright Speech Therapy provide comprehensive assessment for any child with communication difficulties.

Assessment and therapy for children (12 months-17 years of age):

Unclear Speech
Difficulty or inability to produce speech sounds, resulting in speech that is difficult to understand.

Receptive (understanding of) Language
The understanding of spoken and written information as well as following instructions of different lengths that involve a variety of concepts.

Expressive (use of) Language
The ways in which messages are communicated to others (includes grammar, structure of sentences and vocabulary).

Pre-literacy Skills (phonological awareness)
The pre-requisite skills for literacy (reading and writing) development.

Dyslexia and Literacy (reading and spelling)
Assessment and therapy for dyslexia and other reading and spelling difficutlies is provided for school-aged children. Therapy via the MULTILIT program is provided at Startright Speech Therapy.


We also provide mobile visits to schools and child care centres within the Ryde, North Shore and Inner West areas of Sydney.

Experiencing interruptions to the flow of speech, which may be characterised by repetitions of sounds, syllables, words or prolonging of sounds. Difficulty starting words and 'blocking' are also types of stutters.

Speech Pathologists provide strategies to modify voice quality and encourage safe use of the voice.

Social Skills
This involves appropriate use of the rules of language in order to effectively communicate in social situations.

Assessment and therapy for Adults

Accent Reduction
Changing speech patterns including pronunciation, intonation and rhythm, in order to change or reduce an accent.

*Private health insurance and Medicare rebates are available for eligible clients. No doctor's referral is necessary to make a booking for yourself or your child. Call us on (02) xxxxxxxx for further information.