Speech Pathologists at Startright Speech Therapy use a wide variety of resources to target language skills. The Lindamood-Bell 'Visualising and Verblising' Programme is used to assist childhood language development. We have a wide variety of modern and functional language resources and train parents to use effective language-stimulation strategies at home between therapy sessions.

All Speech Pathologists at Startright Speech Therapy are trained in the Hanen 'It Takes Two To Talk' methodology and are trained in 'Applied Behaviour Analysis'. A strategy for therapy will be chosen that is best suited to each individual child following their initial assessment.

'Language' refers to the understanding and comprehension of the English language as well as ability to use the English language to appropriately express thoughts and ideas to others.

Speech Pathology assessment is recommended if your child is not performing the skills within the checklist by the appropriate ages:

1 year:

2 years:

3 years:

4 years:

5 years:

School Age:

Standardised language assessments are available to assess the language skills of clients aged between 0-21 years. Results may be used to obtain funding to provide further assistance at Preschool or School where applicable.

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