Therapy Sessions

Startright Speech Therapists have extensive training and experience in providing the most up-to-date therapy that is evidence-based, tailored to each individual client in order to enhance communication skills and achieve goals in a time efficient manner.

Therapy sessions are generally 45 minutes to an hour in duration. They are individual sessions tailored to meet the goals set for each individual client. Most of our therapy appointments are offered on a fortnightly basis, although weekly or monthly appointments are also available. The number of appointments required will vary depending on the nature and severity of the communication difficulties identified, the client's "stimulability" for correct productions (that is, how easy it is to achieve the therapy targets correctly), and the amount and quality of practice done between therapy appointments.

With your consent and where applicable, the child's preschool or school teachers may be contacted and also included in the therapy process. Additional work may be given to these staff to help the child reach and generalise their individual goals in the most efficient and timely manner.This will ensure the child is gaining additional stimulation and practice with the therapy goals between sessions.

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